Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a form of physical therapy that we deliver to the body with our own hands instead of using a device or machine. While there are other effective treatment options available for patients, alternative treatment options provide benefits that the regular treatments do not.

Natural medicine is now a top choice for patients who are suffering from acute or chronic back pain and is able to offer them the noninvasive and modern treatment options they are looking for when in discomfort or pain. Manual therapy is also known as massage therapy.

What is manual therapy?

Manual therapy is a natural medicine option. When we utilize manual therapy treatment techniques during treatment, we will use our hands to perform specialized techniques that can help heal any injuries a patient may be suffering from. This is why manual therapy is also known as massage therapy. We have the skills and knowledge to provide patients with effective manual therapy techniques to treat these problems for long-term relief. We will not rely solely on medication that merely masks the symptoms.

By applying pressure to certain muscle tissue and manipulating the joints, we can help decrease any back pain that is due to muscle spasms, muscle tension and joint dysfunctions. While the manual therapy process is not painful, patients will often experience some soreness after the procedure.

How does manual therapy work?

When a patient is limited in their ability to move and/or has a limited range of motion this can lead to their experiencing a lot of discomforts as well as various levels of pain. Manual therapy works when a chiropractor uses their hands to apply special techniques to the muscles and joints that can help to restore their mobility.

Since manual therapy is a natural treatment option that can provide pain relief for patients in a non-invasive manner, this treatment is a process with multiple appointments. This therapy is effective in helping to treat chronic back problems such as musculoskeletal conditions.

Benefits of manual therapy (compared to surgery)

There are many benefits of using manual therapy, especially in comparison to invasive surgery options. Many patients suffering from discomfort and/or pain choose to avoid surgery because they do not want to experience the potential risks of surgery.

A major benefit of non-surgical treatment comes from the ability to gradually recover without side effects. We customize the treatment process to your needs for a healthy treatment process. Our goal is to help you through rehabilitation to your regular routine.

Spinal decompression

Before we use spinal decompression therapy, we will determine if this is the most effective treatment for the patient. Manual treatment therapy is able to put the spine back into its proper alignment, including any vertebrae discs that may be out of place. Spinal decompression therapy offers patients a safe way to find relief from their ongoing back pain, allowing them to once again perform their everyday activities without any suffering.

Manual therapy is a top treatment option for patients who have soft tissue disorders, as well as other health-related issues. We will need to perform a spinal adjustment in order to slowly and carefully manipulate the vertebrae back into their correct position. When the spine and vertebrae are in their correct alignment, it helps to repair any structural, biochemical or neurological abnormalities that are often a result of a misaligned spine.

Active rehab therapy

Active rehab therapy is an important part of every manual therapy treatment plan. Active rehab therapy requires the patient to perform any and all assigned therapies when at home in order to promote a faster healing process. These therapies can help restore movement while reducing any discomfort and/or pain.

It is possible to assign active rehab therapy specifics at any time during a treatment. With many potential treatment options, it is important to recommend certain exercises or stretches at home that requires patient participation.

Knee pain treatment

Knee pain is a common condition in people who participate in sports or athletic activities. Knee pain is also common in patients who have arthritis. We can use manual therapy to treat knee pain in patients of various ages. The goal is to fully heal the area so that the patient can once again participate in playing their sports or be able to walk without experiencing any knee pain.

If you or a loved one is in need of any of these treatments, give us a call and schedule an appointment today.

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